Autogate Specialist

“Get A Luxory Custom-Made, Durable & All-In-One AutoGate System For your Home At Competitive Prices DIRECT From Local Gate Fabrication Factory!”

Many home owners in Singapore are converting their gates to autogates with side gate features. Auto Gate allows you to experience a whole list of benefits and convenience:

  • Easy Parking Access with Touch Button Remote Control
  • Integrated Auto Gate Security Locking Mechanism
  • Stylish & Durable Modern Metal gate Designs with ‘Open’ or ‘Privacy’ Concept.


AUTOGATE SPECIALIST Provides One-Stop Gate Services Direct From a Singapore Metal Gate Fabrication Factory At SHOCKING Factory Prices!

Metal Gate Framework Fabrication:

  • Durable Heavy Duty Wrought Iron Gates
  • Mild Steel Gates

Safe AutoGate System Mechanism

  • Sliding Auto Gate Mechanism
  • Swing Auto Gate Mechanism
  • Simple Remote Control operation Device
  • Available Underground Autogate Mechanism (Hidden Underground – See Picture)

Professional Custom-made Gate Designs:

  • Metal Gates, Metal & Wood Gates
  • Open Concept or Closed Concept for Privacy
  • Choice of Paint Finishing to give Luxory Feel

Side Gate Integration (Optional) for normal access without using the remote feature

  • The Side Gate would be installed within the main autogate to achieve a ‘flush’ professional look
  • Side Gate is the perfect solution for visitors, maid or children, This allows people to enter your home with normal access without operating the autogate and achieving the best of both worlds!

Professional  Gate Installation with Fast Turn Around Time

  • WIth over 58 years of Metal Works Experience!
  • Be assured of the best quality of work from our professionals!

Option to Convert Your Existing Gate to Autogate

Contact Us Now at 9190 2847 or email us!


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